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I know, I know you’re saying either “what kind of name is that?” Or “Wow! What a beautiful name.” Most people call me Kwinn. I’m a 34 year old millennial mom and wife. I enjoy singing (especially gospel), paper crafting, and all things beauty related. 


I was born in Birmingham, AL but settled in Bessemer, AL. At the age of eight, my parents divorced. This shook my world. My younger sister and I lived with my mother and learned to pivot through a world of unknowns. There were challenges of course, but all of them have made me into the woman I am today. 


In my career as Business Systems Analyst, I’m transitioning into the world of user experience design. In 2019 my husband and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Kennedi. This journey has taught me that even when life is tough and throws curve balls you can still juggle it all all even while wearing heels. In 2020, I also decided that my love of writing and being creative needed a medium----a platform of sorts. So here it is.


Welcome to! Join me as I share with you the joys and the lessons of having it all.

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