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Holiday Highlight: Annual Christmas Card Photoshoot

Before my husband and I got married our marriage counselor advised that we create our own family traditions. These traditions should be separate and apart from what we grew up doing and will help to establish our new family. So, beginning last year we wanted to have professional holiday photos done. These photos would capture our family dynamic for that year and would be featured on customized holiday cards that would be mailed to our closest family and friends.

This year our chosen attire is hunter green and black. Take a look at our outfit deets and our photos of our toddler in meltdown for most of the photoshoot. We couldn't even be upset at our daughter. After all, she's just being a toddler. lol

Huge props to our family photographer Sam Jasper Photography @samjasperweddings

Kwinn's Outfit:

  • Hair: Medium knotless braids by @Charliebraids

  • Black Bodysuit: Jcrew Crew neck long sleeved bodysuit (no longer available)

  • Skirt: Jcrew Polka-dot tulle A-line skirt (no longer available)

  • BCBG Generation Middea: Sak's Fifth Avenue

Julian's Outfit:

Kennedi's Outfit: #targetstyle

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