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Tips for Decorating When You Have Kids

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you give up your decor style. If you like modern, traditional, farmhouse, etc still go with it but aim to get practical pieces.

Think about storage when you buy pieces. Toys and kids stuff takes away from the vibe. You wanna be able to throw stuff in baskets or furniture that offers storage To quickly reset the space that shows off your style.

Declutter often. Furniture and your nerves last longer when you get rid of what no longer serves you or baby.

Invest in key pieces. Furniture costs too much to just get anything that won’t last. Get quality larger items made with stain resistant fabrics that clean easily or are wipe clean friendly. Then get cheaper pieces for accent furniture.

Lastly, reset your house nightly. As parents you should be able to see the magazine version of your house at the end of each day and at the beginning of the day before the kids rip through it lol.

Happy Decorating!

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