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Why I Decided to Blog

I've always had a passion for writing. Aside from being a singer and loving all things music, writing was another outlet that allowed me to express my creativity, share my thoughts and visions for myself by way of journaling and sometimes expressing the hardest things without necessarily saying them aloud.

As a millennial I can say I've been trying to figure out how to effectively navigate adulthood make sound decisions in an ever-changing world. And it has been hard. Even with major hesitation over the years I've decided to document my thoughts, fears, and lessons and now I'm choosing to share them with you.

Throughout my years as an adult I've learned that millennials are often misunderstood. But I've learned that my journey matters, my lessons have been hard to learn but they also matter and more importantly my voice matters.

Until maybe a few short years ago there weren't many places I could go to learn about things such as how to navigate a professional career, apply realistic money lessons, master motherhood, or learn things about how to enhance my lifestyle--at my pace---based on how I saw the world. I want to be a voice to other women that are learning the things that I've learned. And maybe I can make the road a little smoother than when I traveled it.

This is what made me want to start a blog. Let's engage and create a space where we learn that we as women are more alike than we are different. And especially from generation to generation we can learn and teach new tricks to mastering life and we can lift each other up and become more fabulous along the way.

I've always heard my elders say that 'life is a vapor' and man 2020 has definitely shown me that. Life is short. Let's do this. Welcome to Juggle in Heels.

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